Win Tickets for The BBC Good Food Show 2017 !

Win Tickets for The BBC Good Food Show 2017 !


What a flipping better way to kick off the Festival season than the BBC Good Food show. This celeb packed, flavour punching and idea stoking treat, will be running from the 30th of November until the 3rd of December 2017 at the Birmingham NEC and I have 2 pairs of tickets up for grabs !


If you have missed the Lovely Mary Berry, then you can catch her and other favourite TV chefs at the event and pick up some expert foodie advice. James Martin, The Hairy Bikers, Raymond Blanc are just a few of the Chefs that will be appearing over the four days, just check the daily line up before you book.


Book signings and a specialist Skills school are just some of this years features.

Get involved in a hands-on skills session led by the masters. Experience different cuisines, pick up new skills and have fun as the experts share their secrets…

We’re busy working on exciting content for the Skills School, keep checking back for more information and sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear.


LIVE entertainment, artisan food and drink producers, hands-on masterclasses and plenty of seasonal inspiration are also on offer, so it is safe to say you will not get bored ( or hungry !)



So all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a pair of The BBC Good Food Show tickets, is just comment with your name and why you should win these beauties.


Good Luck !

Prize T&Cs

The prize is 1 of 2 pairs of general admission tickets to the BBC Good Food Show at Birmingham NEC, valid on Thursday, Friday or Sunday only. Tickets do not include a seat in the Big Kitchen. Big Kitchen seats are available to purchase on the day for £3, subject to availability. Not all celebrities appear on all days.


Winner will be announced on the 25th November at 7pm.

The Competition is now closed, congratulations to our winners Tracey Susan Anderson and Carrie Humphries.

108 thoughts on “Win Tickets for The BBC Good Food Show 2017 !

  1. Suzanne Jones

    what better way to start off Christmas!?

  2. Susan Jane Gray

    My hubby and I Love good food and drink so this would be ideal. Loads of different ideas to make some delicious meals.

  3. Just love the Food Show. Great for christmas gifts for foodie friends. Sampling new gins and chatting to the producers. I definitely need to be there.

  4. Tracey Susan Anderson

    I’d be so thrilled to be chosen as the luck winner of these tickets. Really would be such a wonderful treat to see such aspiring chefs creating so many delicious dishes, aswell as soaking up lot’s of great tips and good advice on improving my cullinary skills, with the added bonus that it would make a splendid birthday treat for my Daughter Lauren who also loves to cook so naturally, i would never be forgiven for not letting her tag along 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity

  5. lynn neal

    I would love to visit The BBC Good Food Show because I need inspiration for food for all the family over the festive season and this the perfect place to get lots of ideas and knowledge too, not to mention the shopping opportunities!

  6. Meg Gaskell

    My son has just left home and is learning all about cooking food (adding to what I have taught him), so I would love to take him and expose him to all the wonderful sights and smells, and of course fabulous tastes!!
    It’s a very generous competition, thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Jayne stuart

    I would love to win and take my daughter she is eight and just loves to cook, baking is her thing and she makes the most perfect lemon drizzle cake. I would love for her to soak up the atmosphere of the good food show and meet like minded people.

  8. Jessica cox

    Having visited for the last three years to both the summer and winter shows, i missed out on the winter one last year due to work commitments but would love to win the tickets. Love the food, the cooks and the opportunity to try foods i would never normally try

  9. Steph

    Love to take mom we are big foodies from Birmingham who love the show !!
    Get some food treats, cooking inspiration and always a great day out to enjoy with mom

  10. “Your meals are so boring”
    Says my cheeky son.
    So please give me a chance
    To prove my lot wrong.

  11. Michelle Crowhurst

    Love the show. Foodie heaven. Fingers crossed x

  12. Amanda Gee

    The Good Food Shows are always a brilliant day out. I’ve been to the show at the NEC in June but never to the pre-Christmas event. All my presents purchased under one roof

  13. Francesca Mcminn

    Would love to win as I love food but would like to become more adventurous with my cooking.

  14. Helen Yendall

    I’d love to win as it’s a great day out, tasting all the food and drink samples! I always come back loaded with Christmas pressies too!

  15. I will need a ticket to get, so I can buy a ticket to the big kitchen on the day! What better way than to win it!

  16. Samantha Mann

    I remember going with school as a teen (about 14 years ago ) and loving it, have always wanted to go back since. We moved house this year and now have a bigger kitchen that I would love to make the food hub of the family 😉 but I need tips!

  17. Would be fantastic win to have a fab day out with my best friend fingers crossed

  18. Michelle C

    My best friend and I, love going to food shows and have been looking at tickets for this one. It would be a really nice surprise for her if I won tickets


    Always have amazing time but would to win this prize

  20. I would love to win as I really want to take my neighbour with me. She is a huge foodie and this would be such a treat for her!

  21. lynn neal

    I would love to visit the show and get some foodie inspiration for Christmas!

  22. We used to live in Melbourne the foodie capital of Australia – I miss amazing food. Would be a treat to be surrounded by incredible food all day!

  23. Sue Baker

    I love this show, it gives a great start to the Christmas season and some great shopping ideas

  24. Catherine Morris

    I would love to see James Martin, he is so lovely

  25. Becky Ferneyhough

    This would be a lovely treat, i’d take my husband and hopefully get some inspiration for some lovely ideas for Christmas and my 50th birthday bash x

  26. Lewis King

    Love food and it’ll be xmas time. Would be great to win 😀

  27. Sheena Batey

    I desperately need some inspiration in the kitchen.

  28. Joy Owen

    I would enjoy tasting foods and drinks that are new to me, listening to expert chefs and getting some inspiration for Christmas gifts for friends who love kitchen gadgets.

  29. Andrew Sales

    I would love to win the tickets because this is simply the best BBC Good Food Show of the year and I would love to be there again.

  30. angela james

    i really like food shows and i never win anything

  31. Rose Stephenson

    Food, what’s not to like.

  32. Sharon willox

    I would love to win these tickets so I can buy my body weight in cheese fudge and booze..

  33. Rosie Miller

    I would love to win these tickets so I could take my mum, we’d both love this!

  34. Kelly townsend

    I would love to go to this show with my son as we are both foodies xxx

  35. Ian Gutteridge

    Being a single man winning tickets will surely inspire me to cook great food steering me away from my forking microwave disaster meals. (pun intended)

  36. Lisa Rowsell

    I’ve never been, and would love to take my mum as we’re always looking for inspiration.

  37. Alex

    I would love to go as I need fattening up ready for Christmas! 🙂

  38. Jason Tolliss

    Would love to win this

  39. Sarah Carter

    I would love to win the BBC Good Food Show looks and sounds amazing, I would take my Fiance fingers crossed xx

  40. Kathryn Booth

    I haven’t been for years and i’d love to treat my husband to a day out.

  41. niall O'Grady

    It’s just the best event of the year, all the scrumptious-ness and then Christmas is just around the corner. And all the best folks of the TV, James, Michel, Si and Dave, Mary, nadiya, and not forgetting Mr Hollywood….superb event, Fabulous opportunity…. what’s not to love?

  42. Louisa

    I would love to win & take my son we both love food & Christmas x

  43. Julie Thomas

    A massive fan of The Good Food Show I would love the opportunity to visit this year, Just before Christmas is the ideal time to indulge in food tasting and purchases to share with the family. Lovely venue to select gifts too, there is always something special to be found at GFS NEC

  44. veronica mason

    Would love to win tickets for the show. I love cooking and like to see all the new things at the show xx <3 xx

  45. Kerry Stanley

    Me and my partner have been together for 12 years, I have never cooked at Christmas in all that time. This year is my turn, so hopefully attending the Good Food Show, will give me some great tips and inspiration!!!

  46. Ruth Mellor

    I’d just love to go!! I love food shows and festivals and try to go to as many as possible- and I’d love to win as I enter so many competitions and never ever win !

  47. rachel curley

    Amazing prize, I’d love to visit the Winter Food Show as I’m a foodie and love to try new flavours and ideas x

  48. Eve H Ogden

    Because I have never experienced going to a food show and I so want to go and the BBC food show looks awesome

  49. Sheryl Atkins

    I’d like to win these tickets for myself and my sister as my sister has had an awful year and it would be a great way to make her smile a bit.

  50. angela evans

    got the in-laws for christmas dinner this year for the first time ,always have it at their house so really want to make a good impression so hopefully i will be inspired and they will have a VERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS ( fingers crossed)

  51. Carole Smith

    Love sampling the food!

  52. niall OGrady

    Good food show live…. that is the start of the Christmas season

  53. Caroline

    Because its my Husbands birthday and its nearly Christmas!!

  54. Kara W

    I would love to go with my mother and sister as we are right foodies and it would be a great day out together

  55. Emma Nixon

    Because it would be lovely to sample the food, find new recipes and see a few tv chefs. Sounds like a great day out

  56. Rose Stephenson

    I would love some inspiration. I want the Hairy Dieters/Bikers to give me some tips for easy healthy diet meals that my husband will eat and take less than 30 minutes to do.

  57. Stephen Heath

    Cos I’m sick of microwave meals

  58. Anne-Marie Martin

    I’d love to take my best friend for a fabulous day out

  59. Julie Johnson

    Hopefully there will be loads of Gluten free goodies, mum yummy for my tummy

  60. Nadia Mitab

    I’d love to win so that I can finally meet the lovely Nadiya and get some baking tips!

  61. Hollie Horton

    would love to win please, me and my husband come every year as our once a year treat out without our 2 daughters! thank you

  62. Michelle C

    I love going to food shows and have always wanted to go to this one

  63. leanne weir

    We just love the Food Show.

  64. Julie Thomas

    I’m addicted to all things food, eating it, exploring it, watching chefs cook it and buying all those amazing ingredients so this is a foodies heaven for me, I would love to attend and really hope you pick me to savour the day.

  65. Kate

    I’d love to take my daughter as she loves watching anything cooking related on TV – she’s just turned 6 and is a huge Hairy Bikers and Mary Berry fan! She sobbed when she discovered Mary was no longer in bake off!!

  66. Helen A

    Love to take my sister, she as never been and what better way to enjoy a girlie day out… thanks so much

  67. lyn burgess

    I’d love to win tickets so that we could have a great day out.

  68. Alison Clark

    My 8-year-old niece really got into MasterChef this year and has decided she’s going to run a restaurant when she’s older. She asked if we could go to this together so we would love to win the tickets.

  69. Jocelyn

    I have always loved the Good Food Shows but have not been for a few years. I am really missing the experience.

  70. Delia Billingham

    I love the BBC Good Food Show and I would love to win these tickets.

  71. Sarah Carter

    I would love to go, I need to find inspiration for my weight loss journey I have recently began

  72. Patricia Dewey

    My granddaughter aged 10 is showing an interest in cooking. I would love to encourage this by taking her to the BBC Good Food Show which is a wonderful experience. We would love all the samples as well.


    I would love to get loads of new ideas to make festive treats for the family!

  74. Ann Bolton

    Have never been to a show but would love to. It would be great to see the live cooking and get some inspiration for Christmas and also, hopefully, see some of my favourite celebrity chefs.

  75. Kirsty Caffrey

    Because I defintiely Live to Eat not Eat to Live…. we went last year and it was amazing – would love to go this year too.

  76. Jan McConkey

    I would love to win

  77. Kellie McIntyre

    I’d love to win and take my mom celeb spotting!

  78. carol freeman

    I love the Good Food show and go most years, I cant really afford it this year ,but need to buy some little sponge cakes so got to go some how please let me win x

  79. emma howard

    I’d love to treat my mum to a good day out!

  80. John S

    Winning would be the icing on the cake (that I’ve not made yet 🙂 )

  81. Allan Fullarton

    Love the show, it gives me so many great foodie ideas.


    I would love to get a good set of decent knives.. And a good deal on Baileys

  83. sarah austin

    I’m pregnant so lots of yummy food is a must for me!

  84. Patricia Dewey

    It’s a fabulous day out and I would like to treat my friend to the experience.


    I’d love to win the Good Food Show tickets. As someone who wasn’t really interested in learning to cook when I was younger, I was dragged along to the show a few years back begrudgingly by my friend. However; I ended up really enjoying it and it really opened my eyes to the world of cooking and food culture, and I found myself less reluctant to learn to cook well afterwards. A few years later, and I absolutely love cooking! My favourite celebrity chefs are The Hairy Bikers and James Martin, so it’d be great to go to the show again and see them.

  86. Beverley

    A lovely start to the run up to Christmas and a chance to get some ideas to impress my guests over the festive period. Oh and it’s my birthday today !

  87. Caroline

    i NEED them!! Perfect for my husbands birthday.

  88. Sam Parkes

    Big foodie and it’s always a wonderful day. The NEC is just a 40 minute train ride away from us

  89. Adrian Bold

    I’d love to win this for myself and my partner, as we are both huge foodies and watch all the cooking shows.

  90. Deborah Worrall

    I’d love to win and take my 15 year old daughter along to the show with me. She’s growing up do quickly and becoming so independent but she still loves to come in the kitchen with her Mum to do some cooking and baking. I treasure these times and would love to create some more happy memories together at the Food Show

  91. Katie m

    Wow! What an amazing prize! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed xx

  92. Miss Cora Harrison

    Because I had tickets to visit the BBC Good Food show last year but unfortunately fell ill just a couple of days before so I had to cancel

  93. Pauline Dring

    I’d love to go to The Good Food Show. It’s quite local to me and a good day out.

  94. Rich Tyler

    I’d love to take my wife, give her a much-needed break from toddler & a baby!

  95. chloe

    Would love to go, never been

  96. Joanne Homer

    I went a few years ago but haven’t been able to go again since. I would love for this year to be the year that I can go again.

  97. carol boffey

    id treat my man to a night out

  98. Cathy O

    Would be a great day out and inspire me for a yummy Christmas

  99. kerry sharpe

    I love the good food show. Haven’t been for last couple of years and would love to remedy this 🙂

  100. Cathryn Crawshaw

    fun for all the family – perfect day out

  101. Elisa Cartwright

    I could do with some new ideas when it comes to cooking.

  102. Paul Cooper

    So many interesting foods and drinks to try and buy as presents

  103. Steven Beasley

    I would love to win because it would be a lovely day out for me and my girlfriend as we both love food and new ideas.

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