The Joy’s of the local Charity shop !

The Joy's of the local Charity shop !
The Joy’s of the local Charity shop !

I just had a lovely day out shopping in Cardiff and I was a sucker when I spotted the 40% off sale in House of Fraser, so after riding the escalator to the top floor, and almost licking every poster of the Stonking looking 50 layer cake on the way up I arrived on the Mother of all floors, The Home Floor (yes, I am sad !)

Linea, is my clothing brand of choice and I also love their Homewear, but they can Jog on if they think I am going to pay those prices even with the 40% off, unfortunately, I am not a wag and the thought of paying £15 for a plate leaves me cold, so I thought that I would share my love of the Charity shop with you.

The Joy’s of the local Charity shop !

When I first moved back to the UK after several years in Turkey, I had some spare time on my hands, so I worked two days a week in a local charity store, and while I was there the shops profits soared, Because I was buying everything !

People would have massive clear outs and bring fantastic things in, and often a lot of the crockery was nicer than any modern-day designed items.

 We would get Le Creuset items and various high-end pieces that would go for well under the recommended price, as people would not pay too much at a charity shop.

The four cups in the above photo cost £1 where as the top photo consisting of a funky serving plate, large soup dish with a lid, 4 ramekins and a ceramic roasting dish cost £14 at the local St Davids shop, which is cheaper than a one plate at House of Fraser!.

The Joy’s of the local Charity shop !

This was a really well received photo from Emma’s Tropical sponge recipe and what makes the photo pretty grand, is the 20p side plate.

I always get comments about my array of serving dishes and I can guarantee that every photo that you see in my post’s has second-hand crockery in it, and You know what,  even though my teenage daughter is going to scream at me “YOUR SO EMBARRASSING TELLING EVERYONE THAT !” , tough titty,  I want to share with all of my followers that you can still be stylish and savvy !

The Joy’s of the local Charity shop !


So go on, get out there , support your local charity shop and build up a funky little collection in the meantime.

Kelly X

If you like the look of Emma’s Tropical Victoria Sponge, why not have a go at the recipe !




9 thoughts on “The Joy’s of the local Charity shop !

    1. kelly admin

      Awwww thank you Lorna xxxx

  1. Annette

    You brighten up my evening, keep up the good work please.

    1. kelly admin

      That is a lovely thing to say Annette, thank you so much xxx

  2. Denise

    One of the best charity shops is st Vincent’s in trowbridge, there is a new one opened in Newport, well worth a visit

    1. kelly admin

      Ohhh I may have to made a journey to Trowbridge, Hopefully, they have a tea and cake shop close !x

  3. Hi – some great charity shop buys. It’s astonishing what you can pick up for a song in those places. I sometimes wonder if all the bargains will’ve gone now everyone’s doing the charity shop thing, but no. Got a Phase Eight jacket for a quid yesterday and the other week a pair of velvet long length curtains for three pounds. Perfectly good curtains, no moth holes, and just the colour I’ve been after. I’m a sucker for second hand crockery too. Who needs matching plates and dishes when you can have an array of patterns?!
    Best wishes

    1. kelly admin

      Morning Valerie,

      I am so coming shopping with you, Loving the sound of the Phase Eight Jacket for a quid !!
      I feel mismatched crockery can look very shabby chic tbh, so glad your on my wavelength.

  4. Kelly I couldn’t agree more. Love me a charity shop buy!

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