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Running a website often gets me invites to events, so that companies can try and tell me how good there product or money saving ideas are with the hope of me putting it on Reduced Grub to promote to you guys, However, I don’t often attend these events as I am a money saving food blogger that is sadly demented over food, and my first love is showing people how to eat like a king for pennies.
This weekend I went along to a really small event in London hosted by Kate Thornton ( Strictly come Dancing Host) and her team, Kate has started a money back website called TBSEEN, as she had seen a gap in the market for savvy people like us to earn money back from our shopping. I was very intrigued when I was informed that not only could you get money back on clothes and Beauty items but also Food as well (including Takeaways !!!).
Kate and her celebrity mates post different blogs on TBSEEN about great buys, what they recommend and also favourite recipes which is a nice and interesting way to see how people in the media eye shop and get on with day to day life.
Lisa Faulkner is a flipping fab cook and I find her blogs really interesting and of course her recipes can be made on a budget with smart shopping.
 The London event was a great look into this savvy world on the food front as we were presented with two lots of food that will be hitting the shops over the Christmas period, the first being a high end range of Christmas food and the second being the lower end price range, and me and a couple of other bloggers had to guess which was which !.
The Christmas food on offer this year is high on the wow and sparkle front and it will most definitely make any buffet table look fab, firstly the Pork and star sausage rolls from Asda looked flipping brill but they had about 70% pastry and 30% filling, so this was my pointer into the lower end of the Christmas food.
The Prosecco Crisps from M&S were a high light for me as they have silver stars and they actually fizz when they hit your tongue, these would be worth buying just to see your Grandma’s face when she tries one !
Tesco have an absolutely gorgeous Mini Scallop Thermidor sampler for the party table, these were delicious and we all agreed that this was one of the nicest additions to the table.
The Christmas pudding smash cake from Asda will be a hit with the kids literally as they have to smash the top to get to the cake, it was christened the chocolate piñata and Kate certainly enjoyed trying that cake out.
The  M&S Prosecco and strawberry stars were a nice addition for the adults but the M&S Christmas orange and chocolate pearls were really fab.
Waitrose have a delicious Heston addition this year with a Persian Christmas pudding which for £14 is a must buy if you want something wow at the Christmas table and they also have a delicious range of Christmas cheese starting at around £4, however avoid the Chestnut and Celery seed Biscuits as they were 50 shades of wrong !.
Christmas is a crazy time when a lot of us lose our heads and savvy goes out of the window, but if I can save myself money on things that I am buying then surely that is a clever thing to do. My son wants a laptop for Christmas and my daughter would love some GHD’s which will not give me much change from £500, so if I can earn 5, 10 or 15% back from that , then brill. I can also shop for the best deal and then get that through TBSEEN, so I am not tied to one brand like a lot of cashback sites.
The food that I have just shown you can be bought through TBSEEN and if you are an online food shopper then flipping MAKE SURE you get cash back on it. You can get up to £10 with Asda, £4.50 with Tesco. 2.5% with M&S and if you are flush enough to shop at Waitrose then you get £4 cashback on your first shop PLUS a £40 voucher to spend at Waitrose or John Lewis.
Sign up to TBSEEN through this link and you will get an instant £5 credit when you start shopping, and I can honestly say that I have signed up several family members as we are all a bunch of money savers, but I am trying to keep this post away from my grandma, as I looking forward to her reaction when she tastes one of those fizzy crisps !!


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