Serrano Ham wrapped Monkfish for less than £2.50 each ! (Forking Diet recipe !)

Serrano Ham wrapped Monkfish for less than £2.50 each ! (Forking Diet recipe !)



Hands up, I have never tried Monkfish before, However when I popped into Waitrose and spotted the clearance price on the fish, I though it would be a fab time to try it.

So what if it isn’t the prettiest fish on the bloc, it is a protein packed number that is super lean and fab for a whole range of diets including Paleo, GF and fat arse reduction. As I was going to serve this with a jazzed up piece of rocket, I thought a bit of pesto and Light mozzarella would be a fab sitting on top, and with the Serrano ham cwtching it in tightly, this could be a nice addition.



You will need…..

1 large Monkfish fillet (ask the fishy person to remove the ugly membrane )

6 slices of Serrano ham ( Parma ham or equivalent is also fab !)

Half a ball of light Mozzarella

2 large spoonful’s of pesto

Fresh Basil

Salt and pepper.





This is a pretty straight forward and easy dish to put together, so start off with pre heating the oven at around 200*.

Cut the fillet into two and smother the top of the fish with your Pesto, place the mozzarella on top and sprinkle over the basil and seasoning !.


Lay the ham out and place the fillet on top ,but at the edge of the Ham. Fold the edges of the ham around the top of the fillet so that it hugs the mozzarella, then roll it up tightly as shown, so that you have a little parcel.





Heat some Olive oil in a frying pan, and when it is smoking add the fillets and cook on all sides for around a minute each side, then remove the fillets and pop this in your pre heated oven for around six minutes.

When you remove this from the oven, let the fillets rest for about 2 to 3 minutes before you serve it.

This is a great time to knock a salad up, I just added some olive oil, fresh lemon juice and seasoning to some rocket and tomatoes.


Enjoy XX


Try this Mexican Lamb Stew for a healthy meal option, and at only 83p a serving, it is healthy for your wallet !



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