My Forking Travels !

My Forking Travels !



As some of you may be aware that I am a trolley dolly, chicken and beef distributor, tart with a heart, glorified waitress, metal tube operator or however you want to label it, I travel often and get to try loads of different bits of grub from all over the globe !

Sometimes the food is fab and some times it is seriously wrong, but I often go off the beaten track and try and be a bit adventurous, often avoiding both the tourist traps and tourist prices. Usually, I do this alone as many crew like their Comforts, but sometimes I find a willing volunteer and we head off into the unknown.  



I have the weakest stomach known to man, and the smell of fish balls in China has often made me seek out a quite alley, so please do not ever think that I am the Bear Grills of weird food, because that aint happening !!!!!! But I do like to be adventurous and try new foods, but cockroaches in sprinkles ( That shit, actually happens in Thailand !) bugs and offal will be off the menu ( SOZ !!).


I have several favourite restaurants that I have been lucky enough to frequent over the years, so I will be over the moon if you can try them out. These range from Meze dishes to burgers and I always feel that it is fab to try a local favourite. I had a major fail in Beijing though, as I was recommended to try a local dish, which was unfortunately thick, cold jellified noodles that were off the rankometer scale ! ( the picture below is the actual cuprite !) In Hong Kong, I went to the cheapest Michelin Starred restaurant in the world and sat next to a lovely Chinese couple that insisted on sharing their meal with me, in return with for an English lesson ( big mistake with me, as I like to have a giggle !. I once told a Turkish man to tell people that he was a Big Mushy pea, he got a great reaction from people when he told them, and insisted on Shouting “Kelly, I am a big Mushy Pea” across the busy market square when he spotted me !!! That will make me smile until my oldest days !!) Anyway it all went well, the sweet pork buns and Dim sum were fab, but I had to say Thansk but no thanks to the marinated Buzzards feet !  



Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I told you my bestest ever places to go for Breakfast, lunch and dinner , and if your in that neck of the woods try and scout them out and let me know what you think !!

Also feel free to share your best Forking Finds !!!!


Kelly X