Marks and spencer reduction times.

Marks and spencer reduction times.

Marks and Spencer is one of the best stores to pick up a decent food Bargain, and you can always guarantee for their food to last that little bit longer than their competitors !.

The quality , variety and variation of their food is fantastic and my father always used to say to me, “You know you have made it, when you can do your food shop In marks and Spencer !” Well I have kinda almost made it, as I shop their often, I just don’t pay the full amount.

I always talk to the Staff in the Food department and they are often absolutely fab, so when I asked them if they would tell me the reduction times, a lovely lady, who shall remain anonymous told me that there are three waves of reductions.

The first wave of reductions are often of around 10% and this usually kicks of around 9am, so you can pick up some Mango’s for example that were originally £3 down to £2.70, which isn’t a great saving but if you pick up several things, then that is a couple of quid that you have saved  in your pocket.

The second reductions usually kick off around 2pm and they tend to knock around 30% off items.  So for example if you picked up a leg of lamb that was £10 then it would now be £7 and you would get a three pounds saving on the original price. This is a great time to pop in if you have to pick the kids up from school, as you can just nip in before and often pick up some discounted snack to give them on the journey home. I often pick up the bananas or apples that have been marked down, then both the children and I are happy.

Now the mad, your crazy not to take it reduction are usually after 5pm, but always ask a friendly member of staff to confirm your shop reduction timings. This is where they will mark things down from between 70 to 90% which is ruddy fab !

This is when I try and pop in and pick up several things to put in the freezer, I have picked up luxury sausages for 70p, chickens for £1.10 and fresh produce for next to nothing.

But what I always say is please be respectful of the staff member with the reduction gun, please don’t lean on their shoulder ( it goes on !) and only take what you need so that everybody has a chance of picking up a bargain.

In other words, NO SUPERMARKET RUGBY !

Happy Shopping X


This Fakeaway chicken Kebab recipe was made with Reduced chicken from Co-Op, and tit was only 50p a serving.

Low fat, healthy chicken kebabs for 4……50p EACH !!!

10 thoughts on “Marks and spencer reduction times.

  1. Reductions are great at any time but I agree, they are a little more spec at M&S!!! These are some ruddy good deals – well done x #5frugalthings

  2. I do this spent hours in shops waking for them to reduce food I was a single parent wanted my son to eat well you can bring it home and freeze it

  3. Supermarket rugby love it! I have seen this ten times over and do feel for the member of staff carrying out the box as people grab.

  4. You are tempting me to make the trek to M&S! We don’t have one that near us, but the discounts sound good!

  5. A friend of mine who worked in the bakery section of a supermarket told me that she often saw ladies pushing items around in their trollies for hours until it was that magic time for them to be reduced! Then they’d come up to her asking for the yellow sticker… and she’d reduce it by 1p and wait for them to realise it after they’d walked off 😀

    1. kelly admin

      Ha ha, loving your friends sense of humour ! Wonder what her karma will be 😉 xx

  6. Thanks for the tips. I can never seem to find a friendly staff member to ask but this has motivated me to keep trying! Thanks. Elf x

    1. kelly admin

      Never give up !! xx

  7. Kate

    So I love and m and s bargain the m and s near my work closes at 530 so they do the bulk of their reductions from 2. So it’s become part of my lunchtime routine to see what I can get. But over the last few weeks something has changed and they only seem to be marking down fruit veg and bakery at this time. So I’m wondering what has changed has anyone found the same in their local store. I’m gutted cos I have a big family to feed and I was saving money.

    1. kelly admin

      Ask a staff member to help you out with the reduction Times, or to let you know of any changes Kate. They should be helpful and tell you ! xxx

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