Delicious Smoked Mackerel & sweet potato Cakes only 75p each !

Delicious Smoked Mackerel & sweet potato Cakes only 75p each !


Smoked Mackerel is in my opinion , one of the tastiest, cheapest and easiest to cook fish on our Supermarket shelves and for some strange reason, I never fancy cooking it for tea, but when I do We all ruddy love it !

We normally have the fish with a nice salad and some mashed potatoes, but I fancied trying something different and as I had picked up some sweet potatoes from M&S wearing a yellow sticker, I thought that I would have a play around and see if I could make some fish cakes with it.

My daughter Emma had a friend over for tea this particular night, so this was a risky tactic, especially when kids are involved, but I had the approved wording of “They were mega lush  !.” 






2 packets of Mackerel ( peppered, spiced or plain)

4 medium or 2 large Sweet potatoes 

1 egg

3 cups of plain porridge oats

1 cup of brown breadcrumbs

8 Burger buns


Oil for frying




Peel and dice the sweet potatoes and pop them into a large pan of cold, salted water and bring to the boil. When they are nice and soft, drain them and put to the side.




Peel the skin from the fish and discard, put the fish in with the potato and mash it all up nicely. Mix in the cup of breadcrumbs and Leave this cool for around 20 minutes.



Whenever I coat something, I always use the dry, wet, dry method, as it always seems to give it a good coating, so start off with rubbing flour into your hands and then picking up a plum sized piece of potato mix, roll this into a ball and then continue on until you have eight balls.




Put the egg into a bowl and beat it well, next to it in a separate bowl put the oats in. This is a very messy job I am sorry, but the results will be worth it !

Roll the balls one at a time, first into the egg giving it a good coating and then into the oats. Push the ball down until you have a burger shape. make sure it is covered well and then put to the side ready to be cooked. If you are running low on oats, just top them up.



Heat your oil in a pan and then add the cakes, you should be able to do this in two batches. Fry each side until the oats are golden and crunchy, then try and fry the sides.



When they are looking gorgeous, pop them onto to some kitchen paper, just so that it blots off any excess oil.

These were served in fresh buns with wedges, but these would be lovely with a nice salad and some homemade dill mayonnaise !

These cost around 80p for 2 each with the Buns and it was honestly delicious. If you have a go at making these, I would love to know what you think.


Enjoy xx



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