Tortilla basket Chilli & Mexican rice for less than £1 each

tortilla basket chilli and Mexican rice
Tortilla basket chilli and Mexican rice.
Tortilla basket with Chilli and Mexican rice.
tortilla basket chilli and Mexican rice

    I am being completely honest, when I hear the word chilli con carne , my heart sinks slightly. I mean there is nothing wrong with the dish it is usually nice, but it can be a bit boring, dull looking and just there ! It is great on bonfire night, after you scoffed the hotdogs, …

Quinoa at Lidl only £1.79

This is a great buy at Lidl for this 300g bag of Quinoa. A great source of protein, calcium and fibre. If you have to follow a gluten free diet, this is a great wheat free subsitute. Cook it as you would rice but wash well under cold water before you do. Here is a …