Curried parsnip & Marrow bone soup

  Ok, so my front lawn is looking like a Mecca for the local leaves, my central heating has had it’s annual turning on extravaganza and it is officially getting dark at 8pm, so I am flipping gutted as Summer is well and truly on it’s way out. I am trying to be optimistic and …

Tortilla basket Chilli & Mexican rice for less than £1 each

tortilla basket chilli and Mexican rice
Tortilla basket chilli and Mexican rice.
Tortilla basket with Chilli and Mexican rice.
tortilla basket chilli and Mexican rice

    I am being completely honest, when I hear the word chilli con carne , my heart sinks slightly. I mean there is nothing wrong with the dish it is usually nice, but it can be a bit boring, dull looking and just there ! It is great on bonfire night, after you scoffed the hotdogs, …

Bad boy spicy potato recipe

  This bad boy spicy potato recipe are a fab take on the regular Bombay potatoes, minus the oil and the calories. Even better if you make this dish the day before you intend to serve it, as the flavours will infuse more and a fab dish to serve at a BBQ, buffet or even with your …