3 Fab words…Healthy, Chocolate , Competition !!!


I never, ever thought that I would be able to mutter Healthy and chocolate in the same sentence, but Thanks to Joseph and Ariel at Ava & Jack they have made this a reality, and I flipping love their bones for it…. !


Ava & Jack is a London-based artisanal chocolatier that specialises in hand-made healthy dark chocolate with no added sugar. We combine the sensory pleasures of chocolate with carefully selected healthy ingredients, creating a truly healthy and guilt-free product that everyone can enjoy! 

We sweeten our signature 72% chocolate with Xylitol, a non-genetically modified natural sweetener sourced from birch trees in Finland. With all its sweetness, it has 40% less calories than sugar and doesn’t raise blood sugar levels (Glycaemic index of only 7!). Xylitol is known for many other powerful benefits including dental health.

At the core of what we do we maintain an integrity for making uncompromisingly healthy and delicious chocolate. Our commitment is to continue our new approach to chocolate, making it healthy again!

Please visit our website at www.avaandjack.co.uk view our products and to know more about us. 

Ava&Jack London



The boys have kindly agreed to a giveaway of two Bars of the good stuff , The Dark Chocolate and The Marcona Almond bar to three lucky winners.

To be in with a chance of winning this Not naughty but it should be prize, just tell me how much is the above Easter egg ….Leave a comment Below.




 I can only see email addresses if your a subscriber to Reduced Grub, so make sure you have subscribed. It’s free and you will just get two recipes, bargain alerts or money saving info a week, no third, fourth or fifth parties will be contacting you and that is a promise ! 

Competition closes on the 17th April 2017 at 7pm, UK entries only please.




If you want naughty, try this Tropical Victoria Sponge !!



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82 thoughts on “3 Fab words…Healthy, Chocolate , Competition !!!

  1. Wow that chocolate sounds amazing! that egg is £15.99 on their website. Happy easter. x

  2. Jill Woods

    Yummy, £15.99

  3. elaine

    £15.99 for the egg!! numnumnumnumnum!!!!! xx

  4. Wendy Lewis

    please enter me into the competition

  5. Jan

    Cost is £15.99, wonderful to find a top quality product that is both dairy and sugar free – HEAVEN!

  6. Jan

    Wonderful to find a top quality product that is both dairy and sugar free – HEAVEN

  7. Abby K

    This looks delicious! It’s so hard to find sugar free easter eggs, so this is perfect. It’s £15.99.

  8. Jo Day

    £15.99, please enter me 🙂

  9. Heather

    These sound wonderful for sugar reducers like myself and family. It is £15.99

  10. Sarah

    Healthy chocolate?!! £15.99

  11. Annette

    Oh Chocolate heaven at £15.99

  12. £15.99, looks delicious 🙂

  13. Danielle Corcoran Tanner

    Absolutely wonderful to read about this chocolate! As someone who has to watch what they consume due to my cancer, it’s lovely to find a treat and not worth about the consequences!!
    The egg shown is £15.99.

  14. Danielle Corcoran Tanner

    Absolutely wonderful to read about this chocolate! As someone who has to watch what they consume due to aggressive cancer, it’s lovely to find a treat and not have to worry about the consequences!!
    The egg shown is £15.99.

  15. Charlotte

    £15.99. This egg looks fab. Dark and decadent but guilt free! Thanks for this great giveaway.

  16. The fabulous looking egg costs £15.99, please enter me into the competition. Many thanks, Jeanne

  17. Jennifer

    It’s 15.99 and looks amazing! thank you so much for this great giveaway and chance 🙂 x

  18. Emily

    The Easter egg is £15.99. Its great there is a new healthy range of chocolate out there now. Thanks for the competition.

  19. smallholderwannabe

    £15.99 – sounds wonderful!

  20. Donna Stacey

    The egg is £15.99 and looks amazing !!!

  21. Katie Skeoch

    £15.99, looks amazing too! Fingers crossed

  22. lynn neal

    £15.99 is the price!

  23. Inga Andersen

    It’s chocolate heaven at £15.99 🙂

  24. amy bondoc

    £15.99 🙂 it looks great!

  25. justine meyer

    £15.99 fingers crossed x

  26. Margaret Gaskell

    The answer is £15.99. Great competition thanks for the chance to win.

  27. kim jackson

    it’s £15.99 😀 amazing prize thanks for the chance

  28. Caroline Pritchard


  29. Emma Pascoe

    £15.99 🙂

  30. Ross Hanney

    £15.99 🙂

  31. Mark Palmer


  32. David Reeves


  33. Zoe C


  34. Tracy Nixon

    £15.99 Thank you x

  35. Lizzie Morris

    £15.99 :), the chocolate looks gorgeous!!!

  36. mari sutherland

    £15.99 – what a bargain!

  37. Joanne Hayes

    Yum! £15.99 x

  38. Joseph Westhead

    Price is £15.99, nice price. Looks lovely!

  39. Jules Naybur

    It’s £15.99, and looks Eggcelent xx

  40. Emily Biggs

    £15.99!! looks yum!!!

  41. Mark Matthews

    Its £15.99. Fingers crossed!

  42. Helen W


  43. Fiona


  44. liz denial

    Who knew chocolate would be so healthy

  45. anthony harrington

    £15.99 deliciousness!!!!!

  46. Joanna Smith

    £15.99 – I could eat this right now!

  47. Kathleen marsden

    £15.99 it looks really tasty

  48. laura banks


  49. glenn hutton

    £15.99 – look amazing! 🙂

  50. Jamie Piper


  51. Amy Wright

    Delicious as I don’t eat refined sugar…..£15.99

  52. Heather


  53. claire blaney

    Im pretty sure its £15.99 which is a fantastic price

  54. Lisa Parker


  55. Fozia Akhtar



    The Egg is £15.99. Healthy chocolate? Count me in 🙂

  57. esme mccrubb

    only £15.99 such an amazing egg yummy

  58. Bob Clark


  59. Susan Jane Gray

    The Easter Egg is Priced at £15.99

  60. Fay

    Looks & sounds delicious!! The egg is £15.99 & I have subscribed. Thank you

  61. E Jones

    What a fabulous discovery! Thank you for the chance to win. The egg is £15.99.

  62. Elena Arsene


  63. Clare H


  64. Ellie Wood

    The egg is £15.99

  65. Eleanor Beavan


  66. Jade Hewlett


  67. sarah pratt

    £15.99 x

  68. leanne weir


  69. Harline parkin


  70. jodie beaumont

    yum! £15.99

  71. Jules Eley

    £15.99 wow what a prize!

  72. Sarah Rees


  73. Iris W

    It is £15.99, that looks delicious would love o try

  74. Kaz Coombes

    £15.99, who’d have thought we’d have healthy chocolate!

  75. With he family coming to stay with me this easter, a fabulicious £15.99 egg like this beauty would be amazing to treat them with…Hopefully they will share! lol

  76. Sian Budgen

    The egg costs £15.99

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